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HD Visas

Island Travel is proud to be a booking agent on Koh Tao for HD visa run company established in 2003 based on Koh Samui.

As many aspects of Thai Visas are regularly changing this page doesn't have specific details about visas, but instead information if you're planning to go on a  HD Visa run trip from Koh Tao.

For details of types of visas available and the requirements to obtain the right visa, we recommend you email us at info@islandtravelkohtao.com.

Alternativelycheck out the HDVisa Thailand website as Herbert keeps this updated with all the latest information.


PLEASE NOTE: Only choose to go with HD Visas if you respect the clock. The trip timings are very tight and if you are late at any stage during the trip you can risk being left behind. 

HD Visa Run currently operates two trips;

Border Run (Border Bounce) to Satun

Departs from Samui on most Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays going to the Malaysian border with Thailand at the border checkpoint called Satun.

For this trip it's necessary to have a visa already (you cannot get visa exempt), which visa you have dictates how many days stamp you will get.

The meeting point / time means that for Koh Tao people that we need to go to Samui the night before as the pick up service that Herbert runs starts early morning around 3am - 4am.

We recommend staying at Little Austria Tams Guesthouse in Chaweng 0813679410, the accommodation here is great value. They have a dorm bed for 150 baht or private room 400 baht.

Also Tams is one of the pick up points for the trip so just a short stumble down the stairs and the minivan stops right there to pick you up! 

It's unknown if you will make the 16:05 Lomprayah back from Donsak to Koh Tao on the same day as this depends upon driving conditions/ speed.

Cost 2,000 baht return from Koh Samui (not inc. accommodation)