Climbing & Bouldering


Evasion Team invite you to explore Koh Tao in a different way. Our guide will show you the way and make sure you enjoy this experience in the best possible way and in total safety ! 

Our Team will take you to the middle of the jungle of Koh Tao, to many of the best view points and to one of the most beautiful and wildest beaches on the island.


Half day trip: 800 Baht per person

Half day private trip: 3000 Baht

Even if you are alone we will try to make it possible, we will do everything to create a group with other hikers



Koh Tao is a worldwide famous place for bouldering. The island has hundreds of massive granite boulders ready to be climbed!

The different spots that Koh Tao offers are wild and gorgeous, Secret Garden, Front yard and Backyard are a few examples of them.

If you already are experienced at bouldering, we offer to guide you to the spot and get a personal spotter! If you want to go by your self it's also possible, you can rent the full gear.


Full gear rental (Crash pad+ Climbing shoes + Chalk): 550 Baht

Crashpad rental : 350 Baht

Climbing shoes rental: 200 Baht

Chalk rental : 100 Baht

Discover session (Half day): 1500 Baht/Per

Guiding (Half day): 1200 Baht/Per


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