Shark Snorkeling Experience

If you don’t see at least one shark on this trip we refund you 1000 THB so you don’t pay for the trip but only pay the 500 THB for taxi back

Trip cost is 1000THB Inc. drink at the bar & taxi for the way back.

The trip starts from "Aow Leuk Bay" at 8am and 4pm every day (2 sessions per day).
Meeting at "Aow Leuk 2 Resort Restaurant"

From Aow Leuk, we snorkel to Hin Ngam bay (40mn) with a stop to learn some basic Apnea tricks. (Nice coral and Turtle spot)

After that, we continue to "Cap Gong Sai Daeng" (20mn more), then we cross "Sai Daeng Bay". From there, we start snorkeling in the Shark area (20mn more), then we join "Thian Og Bay" (20mn more) and we finish the trip in a secret Bar for a drink.
A taxi will bring all the group back to Aow Leuk Bay.

The trip is possible with good weather conditions.
I cannot certify to see sharks 100%, but 80% definitely.
If we do not see any sharks, you do not have to pay for the trip but just the taxi for the way back (500THB for the group) and the drink to the bar.
If the trip is a success, taxi and drink are including to the 1000THB.

Why the trip is not organized with a Boat? :

  1. Because I don't want have any impact on the sea and disturb the sharks and any other sea animals.
  2. Because the beginning of the trip is like a "training" allowing me to check the level and attitude of every person in the group, before crossing the sharks area.
  3. Because swimming on the sharks area is pure, not noisy and we have more chance to cross sharks.

The trip is absolutely safe if you respect all the advice I will give you.

Total Time of the trip: between 2 to 3h max.

  • You need your own mask with tuba and fins // T-shirt or Lycra or Neoprene top is recommended // Sun cream (bio if you can as chemical sun cream kills corals and fishes for info)
  • You need to be in a good health without heart trouble or any other medical problem !
  • Max group is 6 people.

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