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Freedom Beach

A picturesque beach at the south end of the island just past Chalok Baan Kao, Freedom Beach is popular due to its tree-lined shore, which offers some welcome respite from the sun for those that are prone to burning. It is one of the most popular small Koh Tao beaches and is very pretty as there are no modern buildings or developments surrounding it, just a few traditional wooden bungalows hugging the coastline. 


Freedom Beach can be accessed by road by driving through Chalok Baan Kao, and taking a right up and over the hill just before OK Bungalows. From the parking area, the beach is accessible by walking down a set of steps that lead directly onto the sand. 


There is a 50THB parking fee, which includes access to the beach. For 100THB, the fee also includes a bottle of water and access to John Suwan Viewpoint

Services & Facilities

Refreshments can be purchased from a rustic wooden restaurant at the far end of the beach. The restaurant itself is long and narrow, and is built along the wall of the bay. So you can relax on a Thai cushion, close your eyes, and take in the sounds of the sea gently lapping the rocks below. 

Swimming and Snorkeling

Freedom Beach is Ideal for snorkeling and there are many fish to be seen even just in the shallows. If you swim out a little further and explore around the cape next to the famous ‘Buddha Point’ rock, you can see even more marine life, including some bigger fish and possibly a turtle too. 

Recommended for… the Best of Both Worlds

A day at Freedom beach is not complete without completing the 15minute hike up to John Suwan Viewpoint for stunning panoramas looking back over Chalok Baan Kao and Shark Bay (Thian Og). So if you are the kind of person that easily loses patience with sunbathing and needs to do something a bit more active in the day too, then this is a great option. To access the viewpoint, simply backtrack to the parking area and take the path that leads up the hill. It’s a steep but short and well-tended route, and the views at the top are well worth the effort.