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Vegetabowl is located in Sairee. It’s close to The Factory Cafe on the side street leading from the main road down to Sairee Beach

Opening hours

11.30am – 8pm (last orders are taken at 7.30pm)

Price range


Set off the main road in a small but inviting space, Vegetabowl emits a fresh and vibrant atmosphere. Their friendly & attentive staff provide great service.  The team is helpful and efficient and will provide diners with menus on arrival. Please note that you must place your order at the kiosk rather than waiting for a server.

Vegetabowl focuses on selling food that is healthy and wholesome. The aim is to serve dishes that not only taste great while you’re eating but make you feel great afterward too! The Vegetabowl kitchen uses healthy oils and never adds any preservatives, MSG, or refined sugar to their menu items.  The business is also very environmentally conscious and tries to limit the use of waste by using metal straws. They serve filtered drinking water by the glass (instead of buying single-use plastic bottles) and by using biodegradable takeaway containers.


Vegetabowl offers a variety of healthy and nutritious dishes. Often inspired by food from around the world including Japan, Mexico, China, and Indonesia. The menu is 100% vegan but gives diners the option of adding dairy cheese to some dishes if they would like.  

The starters and snacks are great to share. The portions are generous enough to eat as a full lunch if you are not too ravenous. The Vegetabowl team is well known for creating original and tasty specials, so keep an eye out for their offers on falafel burgers, tostadas, and burritos. The main drawcard at Vegetabowl, however, is the signature salad bowls. Bursting with ingredients and flavour, you can choose from a base of brown rice, lettuce, gluten-free pasta, or soba noodles. There is a range of fresh homemade add-ons and sauces, and if you get there before they sell out you’ll be able to try a delicious vegan and gluten-free treat for dessert too! 


A range of sugar-free smoothies compliments the healthy menu. Fresh coconuts are available, and the homemade lemongrass ginger ale is delicious. 

Most Popular Dishes

Wellness bowl, veggie quesadilla, Japanese bowl, vegan and gluten-free double chocolate cookie