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Why Choose Island Travel

Most Recommended Travel Agent on Koh Tao

After over 15 years of operating, we’ve grown into the most respected and most recommended of all the travel agencies on Koh Tao. This is largely due to the way we do business, as our honest and thorough approach enables you to get the best value with the least amount of effort. Specific factors that lead our happy customers to choose us over other travel agencies on Koh Tao include:

  • We are well-established as the number one travel agency on the island and are frequently recommended by both national and ex-pat residents. 
  • We remain impartial in our advice and seek the best choices to fit our customers’ budgets. 
  • The Island Travel online booking system handles enquiries 24hours a day from all corners of the world.
  • We have a smartphone application available on both Apple and Android for quick and convenient trip information.
  • We can book tickets on any route and all connecting bus and flight transfers for both inbound and outbound travel.
  • In addition to local and domestic routes, we also specialise in international bookings. 
  • Our small, dedicated team are all bi-lingual and have extensive local knowledge and excellent customer service.
  • We have the most up to date timetables and travel info to enable you to make the best decision for your trip.
  • We have superior knowledge and experience in dealing with visa information, applications, and renewals than any of the other travel agencies on Koh Tao.
  • Our scooter rental service does not require a passport deposit, and rentals come with insurance cover against damage for ultimate peace of mind.
  • In addition to providing bookable services, Island Travel Agency also provides the most comprehensive information and advice for Koh Tao in general.

More Koh Tao Information

You can find out more about Island Travel on our team, about us, and mission & value pages.