Scooter Rental

Island Travel Scooters offers honest, reliable and professional scooter rental that INCLUDES INSURANCE. While many Koh Tao scooter rental providers will demand that you leave your passport, Island Travel Scooters is happy to simply take a copy and a cash deposit of 2000THB. 

Island Travel Scooters is owned by Island Travel Koh Tao, so you can expect the same level of friendly, efficient and helpful service on our bike rentals as you can with any of our other products and services. The office for scooter rental is located on the same premises as our travel agency, is open daily from 08.30 to 17.00, and we offer a pick-up and drop-off service anywhere around the island. 

Island Travel Scooters: Rental Options

We believe in offering the best in both choice and value, so we have four different rental contracts with three different levels of insurance. All you need to do is pick which one suits you best!

  1. At just 200THB daily, this option has no insurance cover so for any scratches there’s a charge of 200THB for a painted part and 150THB for minor damage to any black plastic part. Any broken or heavily scratched panels are charged a fair amount that covers their replacement (as per the contract rates below).
  2. For 300THB daily, this option includes SCRATCH INSURANCE for the bike. Our most popular choice, this covers the cost to fix any deep or lightly scratched sections, but any broken parts need to be replaced at your own cost (as per the contract rates below). 
  3. For 400THB daily, your scooter rental from Island Travel includes FULL INSURANCE for the bike. This covers the cost to fix any and all broken, damaged, scratched, bent, or smashed parts.
  4. Our most comprehensive Koh Tao scooter rental costs 450THB per day and includes FULL INSURANCE PLUS THEFT/ LOST/ MISSING BIKE COVER. This is our highest level of coverage for those wanting to explore the island with complete peace of mind.

** PLEASE NOTE: Our insurance policies do not cover third party vehicles or property. ONLY the Island Travel rental bike is covered**

To read about  Island Travel Scooter rental experiences of other travellers, you can check our Tripadvisor page, showing over seventy GENUINE five-star reviews. You can also ask local business owners and ex-pats, as we have a great reputation in the local community for being honest and trustworthy. 

Our Bikes

Currently we stock the amazing Honda Click 125PGMFi, which has been dubbed the “Scooter of the Future”. It is environmentally friendly in comparison to other models and combines superior specifications with unbeatable features and a great design. 

The Island Travel Scooters rental fleet comprises over thirty bikes all of which are under four years old, so you can be assured of a reliable machine that won’t let you down. 

Koh Tao Roads

The roads have been steadily improving over the last few years and most of the main roads are in great condition. This includes the roads that lead over to the east coast of the island. So if you have enough experience and ability and do not stray off the main road areas onto gravel or dirt tracks, you can enjoy a safe and fun time exploring Koh Tao on two wheels. 

Book Your Koh Tao Scooter Rental

We do need to see your valid driving license as this is a local police rule, and you can choose between leaving your passport or cash as a deposit. Any passports you leave in our care will be stored securely in our safe. You can either pay in advance or if you decide to stay longer, you can simply pay for the rental as you drop the bike back at our shop. 

Fill in the form below to book your  Island Travel scooter rental with us. If you’re on your way already and wish to reserve a bike for collection on your arrival to Koh Tao, you can email us on or call us on +66 (0)910381778.