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Rock Climbing Courses

Rock Climbing Courses on Koh Tao at The Bunker

The Bunker Koh Tao is your awesome all-in-one rock climbing centre, hostel, café, and hang-out space (pun definitely intended!). They offer a range of guided climbing services, as well as Koh Tao rock climbing courses for every level – from complete beginner to seasoned rock monkey!

Rock climbing on Koh Tao is a fantastic experience that gets you out into nature to some amazing spots complete with impressive rock walls and epic viewpoints that most non-climbing visitors will never get to ever experience. 

What makes Koh Tao climbing so special? The rocks here are made of granite, which is perfect for taking beginner’s rock climbing courses or honing your skills because it’s more grippy and less slippery than the limestone rocks you’ll see on the mainland and on the West coast of Thailand. 

Learn Rock Climbing on Koh Tao: Courses Offered

The Bunker Koh Tao offers a range of rock climbing courses suited to a range of climbing abilities:

Bouldering Basics: Half Day, 1900THB

Best suited for Koh Tao climbing newbies, you don’t even need to strap on a harness or deal with ropes to go bouldering. This course is all about discovering the best approach to start and execute a short climb and learning how to spot and support a climbing buddy. 

Top Rope Climbing Course: Half Day, 2600THB

The most popular of The Bunker’s Koh Tao climbing courses, the beginner top rope class is excellent for those who want to try climbing with ropes and a harness. You’ll learn how to use all of the essential climbing and safety equipment under the guidance of an experienced instructor. 

Intermediate Lead Climbing Course: 2 Half Days, 5,800THB

Already completed your top rope climbing course on Koh Tao or the equivalent elsewhere? Or feel you’ve reached your top rope climbing limit and are ready for the next challenge? Then it’s time to gain a bit more independence and learn how to lead a climb! 

Guided Koh Tao Climbing Trips

If you’ve already taken a climbing course or two and just want to get out and explore with a trusted spotter, belay buddy, or leader, The Bunker Koh Tao can organize half-day trips with one of their professional guides. 

Guided Bouldering Trip: Half Day, 1600THB

Completed your introductory bouldering basics climbing course on Koh Tao or elsewhere and looking to get out for a bit more practice? Then hire a guide, take on some trickier boulder problems, and build your confidence knowing you have a professional spotter to guide and support you. 

Top Rope Guided Trip: Half Day, 2,600THB

If you already know the basics and have a little prior experience but cannot yet lead climb, you don’t need to take another course before heading out to enjoy the granite. One of the Bunker’s Koh Tao climbing guides will simply accompany you to set up the climbs and guide you as you practice. 

Lead Climbing Guide: Half Day, 1900THB

If you’ve already got some experience lead climbing and are comfortable tackling an outdoor 6a+ or 6b (French grade), you can hire an experienced Koh Tao climbing guide to belay you as you set up each route and hone your skills on some of our more challenging routes. 

Bouldering and Sport Climbing Guide: Full Day, 3,600THB for 1 person, 6,500THB for 2 people

Have limited time for rock climbing on Koh Tao but want to try a bit of everything? Then this is the trip for you! You’ll get to boulder, top rope climb, and lead climb – all on the same day. Please note you need to be a comfortable top rope and lead climber already (comfortable with French grade 6a+ or 6b) to join. 

In addition to outdoor rock climbing courses on Koh Tao, The Bunker also has an indoor climbing wall, café, and hostel accommodation. So, it’s not just a great place to learn. It’s one of the best places to hang out and meet fellow climbers, make new belay buddies, and share your favourite Koh Tao climbing routes and stories. 

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