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Freediving on Koh Tao

The sport of freediving has grown considerably in popularity in recent years and the clear, calm waters of Koh Tao offer excellent training grounds to learn and practice. Going freediving on Koh Tao is a particularly great option for those who are not able to take scuba diving courses due to medical reasons, as this way you are still able to get underwater and experience marine life closer up, but without needing to be on scuba equipment.

Freediving is essentially breath-hold diving, and all you need is a mask, snorkel, and pair of (extra long!) fins, the rental of which is usually included in the cost of your course or trip. It is an incredibly liberating feeling to be able to stay underwater for longer on one breath, plus when you go freediving on Koh Tao you never know what marine life you will see when you are underwater, which makes it even more fun!

At Island Travel, we partner with Apnea Total, the longest-running and most respected freediving school on the island. Operating on Koh Tao since 2004, Apnea Total offers exceptional service, great facilities, world-class training programs, and a range of course schedules to suit your needs.

Anyone aged 15 and upwards can learn to free dive on Koh Tao with the team at Apnea Total. You’ll start in the classroom with some theory and breathing techniques before heading out on the boat to practice at depth in the open ocean. Groups are kept to a maximum of 3 students per instructor to guarantee safety, enjoyment, and maximum learning potential.

Just like with SCUBA Diving, you’ll receive a formal certification at the end of your freediving course, as well as ongoing online access to your course reference materials so you can keep your skills and knowledge fresh once you leave.

Course Information 

Price is 6500 baht

The Freediver Course is designed for those with little or no experience in the ocean or who have no formal freediving education.

This course will enable you to feel safe and comfortable when freediving to depths of up to 20 metres. Although this might sound dificult to acheive in just a couple of days, you will be surprised at what our team of freediving instructors can do for you! Our unique breathing techniques taught in the classroom coupled with practical application in the water create a fun and successful freediving experience.

The Freediver Course is run over two days and is divided into a classroom and water session each day. In the morning classroom session, instructors use an interactive learning environment which helps to improve confidence and prepares you for the afternoon water session. In the water sessions, we have an absolute maximum of three students per instructor, allowing for great personalized attention. Our instructors are with you at all times while underwater regardless of depth, thus increasing your confidence and safety.

The only requirement for certification as a freediver is to perform a simple rescue exercise from a depth of six metres during the second day.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certification as well as private online access to the course materials so you can maintain your knowledge.

If you fall in love with freediving and can spend three more days on the island, you can continue with the advanced course straight away!

Other requirements; 

You will need to be able to swim two hundred metres with or without fins. If your swimming skills need any improvement we have a very good swimming teacher based on the island who can help you with this.

Minimum age is eleven years old.

To begin your freediving adventures contact Apnea Total directly by email [email protected] & please mention Island Travel so they can buy us a beer 🙂