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Victoria Point Border Bounce

Victoria Point Border Bounce

The Victoria Point Border Bounce Trip departs from Koh Tao on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday. The trip is easy because the minivan driver meets you in the morning at the nightboat. He drives you to the border and then drops you at the Lomprayah pier for the ferry back to Koh Tao. 

The Victoria Point border with Myanmar is the closest border checkpoint to Koh Tao. Therefore it is the most convenient way to renew your 30 day visa exempt stamp. (Note; some countries can normally get 90 days but may have to pay extra for this at the immigration checkpoint, Argentina Brazil Chile Peru South Korea Hong Kong Russia (Until April 30th, 2024)).

If it’s time for you to do a border bounce please come to see us at Island Travel to book. Bring your passport with you so we can double-check that it is indeed your best option. After you have received your visa exemption stamp and returned to Koh Tao you can extend at Koh Tao Immigration. Officially you can repeat this process two times per year. But do contact us to confirm this because the visa rules can change often.

9 pm Take the night ferry Koh Tao – Chumpon

6 am Minivan Chumpon – Ranong

9 am Arrive at the border, longtail boat to Myanmar

11 am Minivan Ranong – Chumpon

1pm Lomprayah Catamaran Chumpon – Koh Tao

3 pm Arrive home to Koh Tao

For more information & booking please contact Island Travel.

Border Bounce to Victoria Point Myanmar