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KT Eco Bottles

Owning a Koh Tao Eco Bottle = free water! Who wouldn’t want free water refills?!?! 

Let’s face it, it gets hot here! Although the weather on Koh Tao can vary, temperatures generally range from 24-35°c throughout the year, with humidity at anything between 60-80%. So it’s very important to stay hydrated, and we always recommend our customers and guests to drink plenty of water. In general, it’s advised that you drink around 3 litres of water per day to stay properly hydrated here, and add an extra half litre for each scuba dive or any short period of strenuous activity. So if go rock climbing, hiking, paddleboarding, or snorkeling etc, you’ll need to bear this in mind. 

Reducing Single Use Plastic

In the past, the increasing demand for drinking water led to a rise in single-use plastic waste; however, this is no longer the case! The Koh Tao Eco Bottle is a true island initiative to help collectively reduce the amount of plastic that we consume as an island! 

Koh Tao Eco Bottles are sold at several businesses on Koh Tao, including many dive centres, hostels, resorts, shops, and restaurants. You can purchase one at any of the participating businesses for around 220THB. After obtaining it, you can replenish it at no cost from any of the participating companies. Each participating business has their name or company logo etched onto the side of the bottle. Refill locations include Sairee, Mae Haad, and Chalok, it’s generally easy to find somewhere to refill. 

Businesses currently offering free water refills are:

Most of these businesses are not open 24 hours, of course. So we recommend using your Koh Tao Eco Bottle through the day, and arranging a bulk water order to your bungalow or resort for the evenings. Check out S&S Water, or for shorter stays, you could invest in a refillable 20 litre bottle.