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About Island Travel

About Island Travel

Island Travel Koh Tao shares their business location with Island Travel Scooters.

Established in 2006, Island Travel Agency is the first choice of travel shop for locals and tourists alike. Our outstanding reputation on Koh Tao has been built upon our commitment to providing friendly, honest, and efficient service. Recognized for our reliability in delivering accurate travel and visa information. We have a particularly strong following among residents and long-termers, who have come to rely on us for helping their guests and customers with their travel arrangements, and also for assisting with their own travel and transportation requirements. 

Island Travel agency is professional and is your go-to shop for all things related to Koh Tao. Unlike most other island travel agencies, we can help you manage all aspects of your Koh Tao holiday:

  • Need assistance booking activities on Koh Tao? Our experienced and knowledgeable local team has all the information you need. 
  • Looking for a reliable, hassle-free scooter rental? We got you! 
  • Do you need help with your Thai visa or booking a visa run? That’s our specialty! 
  • Want to book your onward transport from a reliable and convenient provider? We are your team! 
  • On the search for more Koh Tao information to plan your perfect stay? We have it! Whether it is viewpoints, top snorkeling spots, where to eat, or details on Koh Tao’s best-kept secrets, our website has been compiled to provide you with the most comprehensive information possible, all in one place.
Koh Tao Activities

Koh Tao has it all when it comes to activities and adventures. There is much to choose from, so whether it’s blissfully sunny or a dull rainy day, or whether you want to relax to the max or get your adrenaline pumping, there is always something to suit the mood. Snorkeling, Thai cooking classes, flying trapeze lessons, rock climbing, scuba diving, kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, and so much more! Please visit our activities pages for further details and to make a booking.

Scooter Rental

Our scooter rental options can include scratch insurance cover. It’s not necessary to leave your passport as a deposit. Please check out Island Travel Scooters for more information.  

Island Travel Scooter Rental
Visa Information

Island Travel Agency is known for ensuring that your visa run is a successful one! Our Thai visa information services keep you up to date with the latest changes at the borders with Malaysia, Laos, and Myanmar. Our network of contacts allows us to advise you on where to go for your visa run so you don’t waste time and money on needless trips. We are also very proud to be the Koh Tao agent for Herbert Dully’s visa run trips.

Speedboat Victoria Point Border Bounce Trip
Travel Tickets

At Island Travel Agency we offer a wide range of travel services, from booking a simple boat ticket to the neighbouring islands of Koh Phangan or Koh Samui to arranging long haul flights to international destinations. Our transport options include ferries, VIP coaches, air-conditioned minivans, trains, and planes.

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Koh Tao Information

Having been here for two decades now, there’s not much we don’t know about Koh Tao! So whatever you are looking for, we have you covered! Here on our comprehensive website, you’ll find info on everything from the best-hidden spots and the top viewpoints for sunset or sunrise, to details on where to get your laundry done or have your hair cut. And everything in else between! Can’t find what you are looking for? Drop us a line and we’ll do our best to help you!

Opening Hours

Our office on the main road in Sairee is open for telephone and in-person enquiries daily from 8.30 am – 3:30 pm.

Not on Koh Tao yet? No problem! Simply fill out our enquiry form with the details of your itinerary and what you need help with, and we’ll do all the work for you and provide the most cost-effective package available. You can find out more about why to choose Island Travel on our team and mission & value page.

Inside Island Travel Koh Tao