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Thai Visa Information

Thai Visa Information

The Thai visa information on this page was updated in January 2024. This information is subject to change without prior notice. Research your options and what is available to you well in advance of traveling.

Visa on Arrival

Passport holders of these countries may apply for a Visa on Arrival. A period of stay of 15 days Bulgaria Bhutan China Cyprus. Ethiopia Fiji Georgia India Kazakhstan Malta Mexico Nauru Papua New Guinea Romania. Taiwan Uzbekistan Vanuatu.

Visa Exemption 

Passport holders of these countries may enter Thailand without a visa. A period of stay of 30 days Andorra Australia Austria Bahrain Brunei. Belgium Canada Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland. Indonesia Ireland Israel Italy Japan Kuwait Laos Liechtenstein Luxembourg Lithuania Macao Malaysia. Monaco Maldives Mauritius Mongolia Netherlands New Zealand Norway Oman The Philippines Poland. Portugal Qatar San Marino Slovak Slovenia Singapore South Africa Spain Sweden. Switzerland Turkey Ukraine UAE United Kingdom USA Vietnam

14 days Cambodia Myanmar (international airports only)

90 days Argentina Brazil Chile Peru South Korea Hong Kong Russia (Until April 30th, 2024)

Countries that cannot make border bounce to get visa exemption. But can go for border bounce if they already have a METV visa, or 1-year NON Immigrant visa.
Andorra Bhutan Bulgaria China Cyprus Ethiopia India Kazakhstan Latvia Lithuania Maldives Malta. Mauritius Namibia Romania San Marino Saudi Arabia Taiwan Ukraine Uzbekistan.

Extending Visa Exempt

Most countries can extend their 15/30 day stamp by 30 days at any immigration office. It costs 1900 baht (EXCEPT India & Russia see below).

Countries that only get 7 days extending a tourist visa: 
India, Pakistan

Countries that receive only a 7-day extension when extending a 30-day stamp. But get a full 30 days when extending a 60-day tourist visa;

We now have an Immigration office on Koh Tao.

Single Entry Tourist Visa – 60 Days

Can be applied for in your home country and at Thai Embassies and consulates in all countries bordering Thailand. A visa-run trip to Penang is a popular option. Indian or Chinese passports cannot apply for visas in Laos, Malaysia, Cambodia, or Vietnam. We are only allowed 1 x 60-day tourist visa per 12 months. 

You must ensure you enter Thailand before the “enter before date” on the Thai visa. All countries can extend the 60 days by 30 more days at any Immigration office. Except India & Russia (only 7 days extension possible).

New Multiple Entry Tourist Visa (METV)

In November 2015, METV was introduced to replace double & triple-entry TR visas. The new METV is valid for 6 months from the date of issue. It allows the holder to enter Thailand as many times as they wish within 6 months.

Typically, the METV can only be applied for in your home country. It’s essential to note that documents are necessary (consult your local embassy to confirm).

  1. Minimum 6 months validity of passport
  2. Bank statement showing the equivalent of 200,000 baht retained for 6 months
  3. Proof of letter of employment
  4. Copy of confirmed air travel ticket
  5. Copy of hotel reservation in Thailand
  6. Flight reservation out of Thailand at the end of the first 60 days (not at all consulates)

It works like this; Each entry is valid for 60 days, and when the entry stamp finishes you can border bounce to activate the next 60 days OR extend by 30 days at any immigration office (Indians & Russians most likely only get a 7-day extension). You can carry out the mentioned action multiple times; however, it’s crucial to reenter Thailand before the “enter before date” to secure a 60-day stay.