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Solo Travel

Are you coming to Koh Tao as a Solo traveller? Travelling solo can be an incredible experience that leads to learning, self-growth, and increased confidence. You can develop a worldwide network of precious new life-long friends and travel buddies. Everyone should try it at least once in their life. Travelling solo allows you to be completely selfish in what you do and when, so you are always in control of your itinerary. There are many reasons why Koh Tao is great for solo travel…

You’re never really travelling solo on Koh Tao

The happy and welcoming vibe on the island means that solo travellers rarely stay solo on Koh Tao for long! The island has an incredibly inclusive community, and there is always something going on to get involved with. From festivals and events to pub quizzes and pub crawls, not a day goes by on Koh Tao where you don’t have opportunities to have fun and meet new people. Hostels and dive centres in particular are great places to make new friends.

Koh Tao is very affordable

Despite inflation and fluctuations in exchange rates, Thailand continues to stand out as one of the most budget-friendly destinations. There are some great deals on Koh Tao for hostel dorm beds, but even if you don’t want to share you can find budget private rooms that don’t break the bank. 

Scooter rental on Koh Tao is very cheap. From just 200THB a day you can explore the island solo and discover amazing viewpoints, beaches and bays that you’ll have all to yourself!

Koh Tao is Safe

Koh Tao has an incredibly low crime rate and an active force of police and tourist police who can help you in any given situation. We do recommend you don’t carry too much cash or any unnecessary valuables with you. It’s common when travelling solo to have to leave your belongings on a beach while you go for a swim. Visitors find that easy to do on Koh Tao without any worries about their belongings being taken or tampered with. 

Koh Tao has bright and efficient street lighting in all of the main villages. You don’t need to worry about not being able to find your way home in the dark. Walking alone at night is not recommended anywhere in the world though. While the chances are you would have no issues, the same goes for Koh Tao. Especially if you have been out enjoying the Koh Tao nightlife, it’s always a good idea to walk home with a buddy or take a taxi. We’d also discourage driving your Koh Tao rental scooter after drinking. 

No destination in the world is ever risk-free, but in comparison to most other locations, Koh Tao is very safe for those travelling solo. As long as you trust your gut, use good judgement and follow our tips about how to stay safe on Koh Tao, there’s no reason you should run into any problems during your stay. 

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