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Travel Tips

Thailand Travel Tips

If you are travelling by ferry to or from Koh Tao then here are some travel tips that will help your experience run smoothly. We have also included some tips that also relate to using budget airlines or trains for onward travel. Most of these are common sense but when travelling sometimes things get forgotten.

Before you travel

  1. Print out your tickets I know is not environmentally friendly but some ferry companies, budget airlines and trains will not accept your screenshot of your tablet or smartphone. Best to be safe than sorry
  2. Ensure that you know which pier, airport or platform your transport is leaving from. You can ask your travel agent or look it up online, either way, this can save you the embarrassment of turning up at the wrong location and missing your journey
  3. Double check your travel details……when you are travelling it is so easy to lose track of what date it is, so make sure you check when you are booked to leave
  4. Some ferry piers do not have trolleys unlike airports or train stations so pack smart and light
  5. If travelling by ferry then pack some seasickness tablets. The crossing can get a little rough at certain times of the year. You don’t want to be the one asking for a plastic bag!

The Day of Travel

  1. Arrive early, 30 minutes before your ferry or train and at least the time given by your airline, this way you can relax and not rush….why rush, you are on holiday!
  2. Use sunscreen and lip balm if you are travelling by ferry, the glare off the water increases the chance of sunburn, no one wants sunburn
  3. Passport – check, tickets – check, cash for the trip – check. Ensure that you have everything you need at hand for the trip

After Travel

If you have any feedback on your trip that will be helpful for fellow passengers then please rate and review the trip on our website. Many of our customers mention how useful it had been to have read the reviews before taking their trip, please take the time! Thank you