Thai Cooking Class with Joy

Want to learn how to cook all of your favourite Thai dishes to wow your friends and family back home? No problem! Cooking classes on Koh Tao are one of our most popular requests and are the perfect activity for a rainy day or when you feel like taking a day off from sightseeing, scuba diving, and adventuring

There’s no denying the appeal of learning to cook Thai style. In the 2017 ‘World’s Best Food Guide’, Thai food accounted for six of the top 25 dishes! And while the ingredients are often simple, it is the complexity of flavours and the perfect combination of sweet, sour, spicy, bitter, and salty aromas that combine to make the taste sensations we know and love.

When you sign up for a cooking class on Koh Tao you’ll be learning from experienced chefs with decades of experience. In Thailand, food is a passion. So you won’t find any cheats or shortcuts in your Thai cooking lessons. You’ll be making each dish from scratch, including all of the pastes and bases. But once you have the basics down, you’ll find most Thai dishes are quick and easy to prepare. In the words of one of our favourite cooking teachers, Joy, Thai food should always be “fast, easy, spicy, and tasty”. Don’t worry if you’re not a natural with hot and fiery foods though, as all spice levels can be accommodated.

Most cooking classes are limited to 4-6 people, meaning lots of fun as you share your culinary journey, but also plenty of one-on-one supervision, hints, and tips. Private lessons for couple are available on request for a small surcharge. 

Sometimes there is a set menu, however, most cooking classes on Koh Tao are flexible and the chefs are happy to work with any special requests you may have. At the end of your cooking class, you’ll have plenty of delicious fresh Thai food to enjoy, and you’ll be able to take all of the recipes for the meals you made home with you.

Already taken a Thai cooking class elsewhere? 

Don’t let this put you off! The most popular Thai food dishes vary in flavour from region to region, so it’s not unusual to find different recipes and even entirely different specialty dishes as you move around the country. Cooking classes on Koh Tao normally focus on southern Thai food, however learning to make Isan specialties like Laab and Nam Tok or northern dishes like Khao Soi can also be arranged on request. 

Thai Cooking Class in Koh Tao
Thai Cooking Class in Koh Tao