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The Top 5 Snorkeling Spots on Koh Tao

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Snorkel on Koh Tao Thailand

Koh Tao is well known among scuba diving circles as a paradise for marine exploration. But you don’t necessarily need to take diving courses or fun diving trips to see it all, as there are plenty of beautiful corals and tropical fish to be viewed from the surface. If you are a keen explorer and comfortable driving a motorbike. Accessing the best snorkeling spots on Koh Tao will be easier. However, some are only accessible by foot or by boat anyway. So if you are not keen on scooter rental, then fear not, there is no need to miss out! 

Koh Tao is an island of gentle sloping sands and shallow coral reefs You’ll have fantastic opportunities to snorkel at any beach you go to. We recommend reading our other article about the best beaches on Koh Tao so that you can plan your time to make sure you fit in all of the beach visits you want to. 

The most popular snorkeling spots on Koh Tao are usually those with calm waters and little/no current. These are our ultimate top five picks…

Japanese Gardens

Located on the eastern side of Koh NangYuan Island, Japanese Gardens is one of the most stunning snorkeling spots on Koh Tao and is regularly visited by scuba divers too. The name of this popular site derives from the abundance of intricate coral gardens under the surface. Many of which have multiple layers that some people think resemble Japanese banzai gardens. 

Japanese Gardens is perfect for beginners and experienced snorkelers alike. There is so much coral and marine life to see. You can choose to start in the sandy shallows where there is a designated snorkeling area. Or explore further around the rocky coastline where you’ll see huge boulder formations as well as an expanse of corals and reef fishes. 

You can read more about Japanese Gardens on our beginner dive sites page.

Mango Bay

Another popular site for both scuba diving and snorkeling. Mango Bay is located at the very north of Koh Tao and is best reached by boat due to the steep and bumpy condition of the roads on the interior of the island that lead to it. Mango Bay is one of the safest snorkel spots on Koh Tao.  Thanks to its sheltered location and a permanent snorkel line that keeps boats out of the shallows. 

Wherever you look in Mango Bay there is marine life to be found. From well-camouflaged critters in the shallow sand and rocky boulders to vibrant colourful fish. They have made their homes in the healthy coral reefs that flank the bay on each side. 

You can read more about Mango Bay on our beaches and bays pages and our beginner dive sites page.

Laem Thien

Laem Thien Bay is one of the most remote snorkel spots on Koh Tao. Situated on the east coast of the island, it is only accessible by foot or by boat. Up until around 2011, there was a fully functioning resort here complete with hotel building and many wooden bungalows. These are now in a state of disrepair but are fun to explore The hotel building provides some shade and respite from your in-water activities. 

Snorkeling in Laem Thien Bay is excellent, and the bay remains one of Koh Tao’s best-kept secrets. As it is not as regularly visited as other snorkel spots on Koh Tao, the shallow coral reef that runs along the coastline is in fantastic condition and home to a wide variety of tropical fish, including schools of butterflyfish and yellowtail barracuda. 

You can read more about Laem Thien Bay on our beaches and bays pages and on our advanced dive sites page.

Shark Bay (Thian Og)

Any comprehensive list of the best snorkel spots on Koh Tao would be incomplete without mentioning Thian Og. It is more commonly known as Shark Bay due to the abundance of blacktip reef sharks that can be seen in the shallows here all year round. All you need to do is swim out into the bay, and wait for the sharks to appear! 

The main drawcard here is snorkeling with sharks. It’s likely that if you stay for a little while, you’ll lay eyes on one of the resident turtles too. There are also some smaller tropical fish such as parrotfish, rabbitfish, and butterflyfish. But the coral reef itself is not in great condition as it was badly damaged in the 1998 El Nino cycle and never fully recovered.

You can read more about Shark Bay (Thian Og) on our beaches and bays pages.

Aow Leuk Bay

Escape the hustle and bustle of the west coast and head over to Aow Leuk Bay, you won’t be disappointed. Coral reefs extend out from each side of the wide, sandy, and sheltered bay. With a maximum depth of just a few metres, it is undoubtedly one of the best snorkel spots on Koh Tao for beginners and families. 

With colourful corals and an abundance of marine life within a very short distance of the shore. Aow Leuk is a snorkeler’s paradise. If you venture further up the coast or into the wide, sandy expanse in the middle of the bay.  You may see even some blue-spotted stingrays feeding or swimming. 

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Alternatively, you could book one of our snorkel trips which include a two-way hotel transfer, lunch, and equipment. The snorkel trip boat will normally circumnavigate Koh Tao & make 5 stops at the best places for snorkeling. 

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