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Tik Tok Escape Room

Find the clues, crack the codes, and beat the clock at the first and only escape room on Koh Tao!

The perfect activity for a rainy day on Koh Tao, Tik Tok escape room activities are fully indoors and air-conditioned – making it an excellent option for peak heat season too (the hot weather can get pretty intense, particularly from late March to the end of June). 

Tik Tok escape room on Koh Tao offers immersive experiences for all ages. Located on the down road in Mae Haad, it is an easy drive-by scooter from anywhere on the island.

Solve the Tik Tok Escape Room Adventure Game!

You may not have expected to find an escape room on Koh Tao, but the Pirates Galleon Challenge is very fitting for our tropical environment. Picture the scene…

You have been captured by pirates on the way to Koh Tao and locked in the captain’s quarters. Listening to the crew talk through a crack in the door. You become aware of their plans to rob you of your belongings and feed you to the fish at sunset – which is only an hour away! Can you escape before the time runs out? Tik Tok, the clock is ticking….

It’s worth noting that the Pirates Galleon isn’t always the only escape room on Koh Tao, as the Tik Tok team does have an additional room that they rotate around to provide new opportunities for special occasions. So, if you happen to be here when there’s an escape room running, you can stick around and give both experiences a try!

Escape Room Info and Logistics

The Pirate Galleon escape room challenge is suitable for 2+ players at a time. While it might be possible to coordinate booking enquiries for solo travellers, it’s best to book your Koh Tao escape room experience with others to avoid disappointment. It’s great for couples, families, and groups of friends, although we recommend keeping group sizes to a maximum of 8 to ensure all players have an active role throughout the game.

The Tik Tok Escape Room team will provide some guidance and additional support to steer you through the adventure should you request hints. But, otherwise, it’ll be up to you to collaborate with your teammates to solve the clues and complete your escape!

Opening Hours & Pricing

Opening hours: Open daily from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm (closed Wednesdays). 

Prices are per person, 700b for 2 players, 600b for 3 players, 550b for 4 players, 500b for 5+ players Children from 5 – 10 years 275b each
Children under 4 are free

The price includes one game per group, and all players receive a small complimentary refreshment.

Booking with Island Travel:

“Book your activities through Island Travel with peace of mind knowing you can change the date and choose to refund your money should you need to”

  1. Activity date can be changed anytime free of charge subject to availability of the desired new date.
  2. Activity can be cancelled anytime with full refund less an admin fee of 150 baht per person.
  3. Island Travel doesn’t charge any commission for booking activities, every activity we sell is price matched with the operator’s price.

Please book 24 hours in advance & wait for our return confirmation email.

Please note that there is no taxi service for this activity, Please see the location map on the side or bottom of this page.

To confirm a booking, please click the ‘Book Now’ button below.

Tik Tok Escape Room Koh Tao