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Couples Travel

Travelling as a couple has been proven to strengthen relationships and improve communication skills. And, no doubt an increase in patience levels too! Travelling with a partner means that you have someone to share the responsibilities with. Especially when it comes to planning, research, and making bookings. Visiting Koh Tao as a couple also provides some unique advantages and opportunities to indulge in some amazing experiences

Cost Savings

Travelling to Koh Tao as a couple means you can get some great deals on accommodation. Combining the nightly budget for 2 people into a couple’s budget often means that you can afford to bump up a level in terms of accommodation quality, compared to travelling alone. 

Private Courses

With many activities on Koh Tao such as cooking classes, scuba diving courses, trapeze lessons, etc, providers cater to small groups (normally around 4 people per session). However, for a small additional surcharge, most businesses will guarantee you a private experience. So this is something worth looking into when researching what things to do on Koh Tao as a couple. 

Intimate Experiences

Once you get away from the bustle of the main villages, there are some amazing experiences to be had and sights to be seen together. Explore some of the more remote beaches and bays to get a patch of sand all to yourselves. On many beaches, you’ll even find idyllic beach swings, perfect for a romantic photo. By getting out on a rental scooter or exploring some of the island’s hiking trails, you can take in the sunrise or sunset from your own private viewpoint, and if you feel like being pampered you can book a spa day together. 

The Romance Factor

Koh Tao has lots to offer for those looking for a romantic getaway. Koh Tao has become a popular wedding and honeymoon destination, and there are plenty of services available for those who just want to hide away with each other. Splash out on a private pool villa with a panoramic sea view, book a private dining experience with your own personal chef for the evening, or enjoy an extravagant evening of fine dining at one of Koh Tao’s best restaurants.

a romantic couple enjoying a beach on Koh Tao at sunset