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DPV Adventure

DPV Adventure

Want to see more of the beautiful Koh Tao coral reefs and marine life with minimal effort? then we highly recommend becoming a part of the DPV Adventure team on Koh Tao!

What’s a DPV, you ask? DPV stands for Diver Propulsion Vehicle. It’s a small, hand-held, battery-powered device that allows you to cruise around the reef with ease – you don’t even need to kick! These particular DVPs are compact, lightweight, and have three different speed settings allowing you to explore at whatever pace you choose.

What To Expect on DPV Adventure

Guided tours include a full briefing, all necessary safety equipment, and full supervision, making a DPV Adventure on Koh Tao a suitable activity for everyone. People who feel uneasy in the water will discover that exploration becomes effortless. Enthusiasts of freediving will appreciate the enhanced ease of duck diving powered by a battery motor. It’s a significant game-changing tool that enables you to explore a much larger portion of the reef. You can extend your time underwater compared to a typical breath-hold dive powered by legs.

Trip Details

You can book a DPV Adventure on Koh Tao any day at a time of your choosing between 8 am and 4 pm (availability allowing). The DPV tour typically lasts for approximately 90 minutes, with the precise duration contingent on the battery’s lifespan. You’ll get a full briefing on the equipment and how it works, and training is tailored on every trip according to customer confidence, experience, and skill level.

The exact location may vary depending on weather conditions, customer preference, or guide recommendation. The team makes a concerted effort to match DPV Adventure locations with customer experience levels. There isn’t a poor location for embarking on a DPV Adventure on Koh Tao, as the island boasts numerous breathtaking beaches and bays, each adorned with impressive coral reefs and marine life just a few meters from the shore.

Taxi service is not included, meaning customers need to meet their DPV Adventure guide at the snorkel location. The team is happy to advise on the best places for easy access, and can often organise snorkel meet-ups near customer accommodation for those who haven’t opted for scooter rental on Koh Tao.  Please note customers must pay for their access fee at any beaches with an entry fee.


What to Bring

The DPV Adventure team will provide all of the essential equipment. However, we recommend you bring the following items:

  • Swimwear
  • A towel
  • Sunscreen
  • A small bag for your cash, phone, camera, etc

Booking with Island Travel:

“Book your activities through Island Travel with peace of mind knowing you can change the date and choose to refund your money should you need to”

  1. Activity date can be changed anytime free of charge subject to availability of the desired new date.
  2. Activity can be cancelled anytime with full refund less an admin fee of 200 baht per person.
  3. Island Travel doesn’t charge any commission for booking activities, every activity we sell is price matched with the operator’s price.

Please note that there is no taxi service for this activity. Please see the location map on the side or bottom of this page.

To confirm a booking, please click the ‘Book Now’ button below.

DPV Adventure on Koh Tao