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Restaurants On Koh Tao

Restaurants On Koh Tao

Every taste and budget is catered for by the restaurants on Koh Tao. Considering the size of this tiny island, the variety and quality of food available are fantastic. So whether you want to soak in some cafe culture, guzzle down as much traditional Thai food as you can, treat yourself to some Western favourites, kick back with a beer and some pub grub, or gorge yourself on fine dining, Koh Tao restaurants will not disappoint.


We often get asked our recommendations for the best places to dine, and it’s incredibly difficult to answer as there is so much variety! You’ll sometimes find that many restaurants are well known for a particular dish or speciality, while others are favoured for dishes of a particular cooking style or region. To that end, we’ve created different categories for you to explore. Gourmet, Asian, International, Vegan & Vegetarian, and Cafes & Bakeries. We can also help with recommendations for Bars & Sports Bars.

Worldwide Cuisine

In general, it’s possible to cater to virtually any craving or demand for a specific meal, because we accommodate an array of international specialities including Italian, Indian, French, Japanese, Korean, Mexican and Vegetarian/ Vegan food. So even the pickiest eaters are bound to find something to their liking!


As well as a rich variety of cuisine, eateries on Koh Tao vary in scale & setting. Some are small, simple & rustic, while others are modern, grandiose, and plush. Some have roadside locations and some are hidden away on secluded mountainsides, while others have envious beachfront locations with unspoiled ocean views. So depending on what ambience and/ or style of food you are looking for, you can choose your restaurants on Koh Tao to suit your mood, any day of the week!


Most restaurants on Koh Tao are normally open for both lunchtime and evening service, and most are open seven days a week, all year round. We’ve tried to provide accurate opening times wherever possible, but do note that these can be subject to change.

International Restaurants

Gourmet Restaurants


Cafes & Bakeries

Vegetarian & Vegan