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Viewpoints of Koh Tao

The Best Koh Tao Viewpoints

If you take some time out from chilling on Koh Tao beaches and get out of the town and up into the hillsides of Koh Tao, you will be rewarded with some amazing views. There are fantastic viewpoints all around the island offering unrivalled outlooks in any and all directions. Koh Tao’s roads have been upgraded over the last few years and are now great quality and easy to drive. So we find more and more Koh Tao visitors are choosing to head inland and discover some of the island’s spectacular vantage points. 

Many of Koh Tao’s best viewpoints are easy to get to, while others take a little more effort. Some involve steep sections or driving on poorer quality roads with loose gravel and sand, and some are only accessible on foot or by boat. So if you are not already a confident driver and 100% comfortable renting a scooter on Koh Tao, then walking or joining a hiking tour may be your best option. 

Regardless of how you get there, our favourite (and most recommended) times to visit any of Koh Tao’s spectacular viewpoints are earlier in the morning and later in the afternoon. This way you avoid excess dehydration and/or burning during the peak heat hours of the day. If you are feeling particularly enthusiastic, you could even go to one of the viewpoints on the east coast of the island to watch a sunrise. Later on in the day, you’ll find that the west coast viewpoints are ideal for sunset. There’s nothing quite like gazing out over the ocean as the last of the sun’s rays disappear over the horizon. 

Whatever time of day you visit, do be sure to take plenty of water, and if you are hiking it’s always recommended that you have a mobile phone with you in case you should slip or fall and need to call for help. Some viewpoints are simply rocky outcroppings or mountainside vantage points, whereas others have small bars where you can get refreshments. We’ve made this distinction in our descriptions so you will know what to expect.  

Historically the majority of viewpoints on Koh Tao were free to access, but in recent years landowners have become understandably frustrated with trash, empty bottles, and cigarette butts getting left by visitors. So now access fees apply at some viewpoints to cover the cost of keeping the area clean and tidy. We have tried to provide the most up to date information on fees, but do be aware that information on charges and access is due to change, so it’s always a good idea to have some extra cash with you, just in case. 

We ask all visitors to please respect the natural beauty of Koh Tao, and take all of your trash away with you.

Your guide to the best views of Koh Tao


Fraggle Rock Viewpoint

Fraggle Rock Viewpoint Nobody seems entirely sure exactly where the name came from, but Fraggle Rock is a well-known and popular landmark on Koh Tao. It looks out onto the west coast of the island and…

Grape View Viewpoint

Grape View Viewpoint Grape View Viewpoint is a stunning lookout point that takes in all the beauty of the surrounding jungle, plus the area of the ocean looking down onto Koh NangYuan. This is definitely one…

Jim View Bar

Jim View Bar Jim View Bar is often referred to as Mango Bay Viewpoint, although it does not have a view over Mango Bay at all. Rather it looks out from the north over Sairee Beach…
Summit Viewpoint Pano

Summit Viewpoint Bar

Summit Viewpoint Bar Summit Viewpoint Bar prides itself as being the highest viewpoint on Koh Tao, so it is well worth a visit if you’d like to get as high up the mountain as possible to…

Love Koh Tao Viewpoint Bar

Love Koh Tao Viewpoint Bar Love Koh Tao is an iconic place to visit during any stay on Koh Tao. Located high up on the hillside next to the empty reservoir, it holds an elevated position…

Two View Viewpoint Bar

Two View Viewpoint Bar Offering a great view out over the west coast of the island and over to Koh NangYuan, Two View Viewpoint Bar and restaurant is a great option if you’d like to sit…

West Coast Viewpoint

West Coast Viewpoint West Coast Viewpoint, as the name suggests, offers stunning panoramic views of the entire west coast of Koh Tao and to the north, you can see Koh NangYuan and beyond. If you visit…

Tanote Peak Viewpoint

Tanote Peak Viewpoint One of the highest points you can reach on Koh Tao, Tanote Peak Viewpoint offers panoramic vistas of both east and west coast locations. Looking down over Love Koh Tao Viewpoint Bar and…

Golden View Viewpoint

Golden View Viewpoint Golden View Viewpoint is a little known and seldom visited collection of granite boulders just a few minutes’ hike from Tanote Peak Viewpoint. It is visible from Love Koh Tao Viewpoint Bar, although…

John Suwan Viewpoint

John Suwan Viewpoint John Suwan Viewpoint is one of the most famous and iconic viewpoints on Koh Tao, second only to Koh NangYuan Viewpoint. Located right on the southernmost tip of the island, standing on the…

Sun Suwan Viewpoint 360 Bar

Sun Suwan Viewpoint 360 Bar A relatively new addition to Koh Tao, Sun Suwan Viewpoint 360 Bar offers exceptional views in all directions – as the name would suggest! Its location just north of John Suwan…

Koh NangYuan Viewpoint

Koh NangYuan Viewpoint Koh Nang Yuan Viewpoint is the most famous of all the viewpoints in the Koh Tao area and is one of the most iconic landmarks in Thailand. Very few tourists leave from their…

Sunset Seaview Bar & Restaurant

Sunset Seaview Bar & Restaurant Sunset Seaview Bar & Restaurant is the perfect spot for those who want to enjoy a great view with minimal travel and effort. Located just off the main road on the…

Sai Nuan Viewpoint

Sai Nuan Viewpoint As the name suggests, Sai Nuan Viewpoint is located on the road that leads over to Sai Nuan Beach, and is one of Koh Tao’s least visited viewpoints. From Sai Nuan Viewpoint you…

Deisha Viewpoint & Viewpoint Bar

Deisha Viewpoint / High The Moon Viewpoint 360 This stunning viewpoint isn’t one of Koh Tao’s highest, but it does offer a unique perspective looking down over Chalok Baan Kao and Chalok Bay, and out towards…