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Travel to Koh Tao : Ferry & Flights

The airports in Samui, Surat Thanni and more recently Chumpon have made access to Koh Tao fast & easy with many more flight & ferry connections than ever before.

We could attempt to display here all the timetables for these airlines AND all the ferry timetables too but we prefer instead to invite you to use our trip search engine.

If you know the arrival time & which international airport you will arrive to in Bangkok (Don Meuang DMK or Suvarnabhumi BKK) then you should see a suitable domestic trip for you in the trip search results.

We designed the trip search to give you the best possible connections to and from Koh Tao so you don’t have to study airline timetables AND ferry timetables to try to figure it out for yourself which is difficult & time consuming.

If you see a joint flight & ferry connection that you think suits you press the link, fill out the form and one of our professional travel advisors will respond as soon as possible. We will check availability and let you know and by email before finally booking we will have found a solution for you.

Any queries you may have, please let us try to help you. Our team of local experts are on hand [email protected]


  1. Do you recommend a minivan transfer or private taxi between Airport – Pier?
    Samui – A minivan transfer costs 150 baht, a private taxi we can arrange for you for approx. 400 baht so we advise if you are 1 person travelling book a minivan transfer, 2 or more people we can arrange private taxi transfer with one of our guys holding a sign waiting for you, what could be easier? 

    Chumpon & Surat Thanni- The distance from airport – pier in both cases is approx. 45 minutes making private taxi fares quite expensive, approx. 1500 baht so we recommend minivan transfer to keep your costs down

  2. What’s the cost to get from Bangkok Airport to downtown?
    Approx. 500 baht, it’s normal for the customer to pay for any toll highways so have a few 20 baht notes prepared

  3. Is there a shuttle service between the two Bangkok airports?
    Yes there is it runs approx. hourly and takes approx. forty five minutes – one hour depending upon rush hour traffic