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How to Extend Your Tourist Visa on Koh Tao

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How to Apply for a Tourist Visa Extension on Koh Tao

From the moment Thailand’s borders reopened, tourists have been flowing onto the island from far and wide. After a few years of very limited travel, many Koh Tao visitors decide to stay longer than they originally planned. For the Island Travel team, that means one of our most frequently asked questions has become “Can I apply for a tourist visa extension on Koh Tao?

The good news for most tourists is that, yes, you can! Although as always, it’s a good idea to check the Thailand visa regulations that apply to you thoroughly before departing your home country. And, as we know only too well here at Island Travel, rules about visa applications, extensions, and renewals change regularly. 

That said, here’s how the process works for the moment (as of May 2023) if you’re eligible to apply for a tourist visa extension on Koh Tao.

Visa Eligibility

It is possible to apply for a 30-day extension at the Koh Tao immigration office if you’ve arrived in Thailand on a 30-day visa exemption stamp either at an airport or overland or a pre-approved 60-day tourist visa (TR).  After the extension, you’ll need to leave the country either on a border bounce trip i.e. Victoria Point/ Speedboat Victoria Point, or go to a city like Penang, Malaysia, and apply for a 60-day tourist visa.

Visa Eligibility FAQs

Can I renew my visa at the immigration office on Koh Tao?  No. Currently, the Koh Tao immigration office can only issue extensions for tourist visas, not full visa renewals

Can I get a visa extension on Koh Tao for other visa types or just tourist visas?  Currently, only tourist visa extension applications can be processed by the local immigration office. For other visa types, such as business, marriage, education, and retirement visas, you’ll need to follow the advice from your personal accountants/lawyers.

Visa Documents and Visa Extension Fees

To successfully apply for your visa extension on Koh Tao, you’ll need to have/prepare the following:

  • TM7 Visa extension application form – These are available to fill in on-site when you arrive at the Koh Tao immigration office
  • Your passport – As with most other countries, Thai immigration rules require your passport to have a minimum validity of 6 months remaining. 
  • Passport photocopies – Taking a copy of your photo page is recommended, just in case. But, at minimum, you’ll need a photocopy (black and white is fine) of the page showing your entry stamp. 
  • TM30 form – This serves as proof of your address for your stay on Koh Tao, and you should be able to get one from your resort or landlord. Landlords or property owners utilize TM30 forms to actively report the presence of foreign nationals during their stay. By law, a TM30 must be submitted to immigration within 24 hours of you checking in. 
  • Passport photo – You’ll need to attach one passport-grade headshot to your application. The best place to get passport photos printed on Koh Tao is June 04. They are located in Mae Haad at the top of the road that leads down toward the Songserm pier. 
  • Visa extension fee – The cost of a tourist visa extension on Koh Tao is currently 1900THB.


Visiting The Immigration office on Koh Tao

The Koh Tao immigration office is located between Mae Haad and Chalok Bay, close to the Police Station. The staff are professional and helpful and typically provide exceptional service. 

  • Opening hours –  The immigration office is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am-12midday and 1 pm- 4:30 pm. Additional closures may apply on Buddhist holidays, election days, etc. 
  • Appointments – No appointment is necessary, as tourist visa extensions are processed on a walk-in basis. 
  • Visa processing time – It depends on how busy the island is during your stay and at what time of the day you visit. However, most extensions get finished within 1-2 hours. 


Visa Extension FAQs

Do I need proof of onward travel to be granted an extension. Typically you won’t be asked to present this at the immigration office. 

Does my extension begin from the date of my immigration visit or the original tourist visa expiry stamp in my passport? The extension starts from the day of your original visa expiration. This will give you a total stay time of 60 or 90 days. This depends on whether you came into the country on a 30 or 60-day stamp.

Need Help with Visa Planning? 

With nearly 20 years of experience, Island Travel is the most respected and highly recommended travel agency on Koh Tao. We have a longstanding reputation as the go-to service for visa information and visa-run trips. Our Thai visa information services keep you up to date with the latest changes at the borders. Our network of contacts allows us to advise you on where to go for your visa run. We don’t want you to waste time and money on needless trips.

In addition to helping you with your visa extension on Koh Tao, we can also assist with a range of off-island visa applications, including:

Please feel free to contact one of our helpful and friendly team today should you need any assistance. 

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