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FiftySix Diving

Fifty Six is a modern and contemporary dive school with an envious location right on Sairee Beach. The vibe at Fifty Six is social and welcoming, and the shop has a nice decking area as well as some tables right by the beach that are used as open-air classrooms, and it also serves as an area for staff and customers to chill and chat after the diving day is done. 

The ethos at Fifty Six is all about high service levels and excellence in dive training, and the staff there are some of the most experienced on the island. For the Fifty Six team, it’s all about providing divers with the best possible experience and instilling a lifelong passion for scuba diving.. 

Fun Fact: Its name may be quirky for a dive school, but the logic behind it shows dedication to the diving theme – as an Open Water Diver, the maximum no-decompression limit for divers using PADI dive tables is 56 minutes!

Courses Offered at Fifty Six

Fifty Six offers all scuba diving courses from discover scuba diving all the way up to Divemaster, and also runs fun diving trips for divers who are already certified. If you get bored of scuba diving (not likely!) or are looking for a different kind of dive experience, Fifty Six also offers freedive training

What makes Fifty Six Different

  • Small groups at a maximum ratio of 4:1 on all diving courses and fun diving trips.
  • Highly trained instructors who are dedicated to making sure that divers enjoy themselves. 
  • Nervous divers are never discouraged at Fifty Six. The team will put in all of the time and effort it takes to overcome any learning barriers their students have. In their own words, ‘patience is a virtue and we have plenty of it!’

Book Your Diving Course Here:

Book your diving course now. You can book your dive course here with Island Travel Koh Tao. Payment of a 10% deposit of your selected course, and a few details are all you need to secure your Scuba Diving Course on Koh Tao.

Discover Scuba Diving

Total cost = 2500 thb
Deposit = 250 thb

Open Water

Total cost = 11,000 thb
Deposit = 1100 thb

Advanced Open Water

Total cost = 10,000 thb
Deposit = 1000 thb