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Bans Diving

Bans Diving was one of the very first dive centres to open its doors on Koh Tao back in 1993. It has grown to become the biggest dive school in the world. Located directly on Sairee Beach, Bans is a thriving hub of activity where the core teaching team instructs in multiple languages. The Thai team from Bans Diving in Thailand has played a crucial role in establishing the dive center as one of the country’s largest, garnering significant acclaim in the domestic market.


Bans Diving is renowned for being one of the most bustling dive centers, offering professional-level training alongside recreational courses and enjoyable diving experiences. Their PADI Divemaster program is comprehensive and includes additional workshops and activities. The Instructor Development Course is staffed by some of the most experienced instructors in the region. 

The vibe at Bans is inclusive, their beachfront bar and restaurant allow guests to freely mingle with other divers. With a picture-perfect view looking west into the setting sun, it’s a great place to hang out and swap dive stories. On most evenings they have live music and DJs to keep their customers entertained. 

Courses On Offer

Bans Diving offers virtually every PADI dive course in virtually any language. Entry-level courses, advanced and specialty training, and professional-level programs are all readily available. 

What Makes Bans Diving Different

  • With its myriad of accommodation options, multiple swimming pools, retail shops, several cafes and restaurants, and its in-house bar, Bans Diving is difficult to match in terms of facilities. 
  • There are separate boats for fun divers, divers on entry-level courses, and divers on higher-level courses to ensure safety, enjoyment, and appropriate dive site choices for all. 
  • Bans Diving is home to some of the most comprehensive environmental initiatives on the island. While many businesses run eco projects as a gesture to check the box on the growing demand for environmentally friendly tourism, the Bans Conservation Centre is about much more than paying ‘lip service’ to the eco movement, and a visit is highly recommended during your stay on Koh Tao. 

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Total cost = 2500 thb
Deposit = 250 thb

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Total cost = 11,000 thb
Deposit = 1100 thb

Advanced Open Water

Total cost = 10,000 thb
Deposit = 1000 thb