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Fishbowl Beach Bar


Fishbowl Beach Bar is located within Bans Diving Resort on south Sairee Beach, but its bar is open to everyone, not just resort guests. 

Opening Hours

5pm – late

Fishbowl Vibe

One of the most popular late-night parties on Koh Tao. The venue is one of the biggest music venues on the island. The bar comprises a large open plan space with beer pong tables. They lead onto a long decking area complete with two bars that look out over the ocean. Beyond the decking, there are beanbags and Thai cushions right on the beach (when the tide allows). 


Fishbowl Beach Bar is a quiet spot earlier on in the evening for sunset, where you can relax in a comfy seat right on the shoreline. Things start to pick up from 8pm when live music artists begin to perform. These acts are followed by international DJs, who typically play from around 10pm until late. 


Residents and businesses work hard to keep our beaches and oceans as clean as possible. We kindly request that all those who party on one of Koh Tao’s beautiful beaches respect the environment. Don’t leave plastic cups, straws, or cigarette butts behind. While many bars on the island now serve drinks with metal or bamboo straws rather than plastic ones, you can always double-check and ask for your drink without a straw if single-use plastic is the only option. If you would like to learn more visit the Bans Conservation Centre, it’s nearby & located on the Bans Resort.

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