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Tattoo Bar


Tattoo Bar has a prime location directly on Mae Haad Bay. It’s situated towards the south end of the beach just past Coconut Monkey.

Opening Hours

8am – 11pm

With a dream location right on the beachfront, Tattoo Bar is a lovely spot from which to take in the panorama of the bay,. Indulge in a bit of beach life, or watch the ferries and dive boats come and go. The bar is large and spacious. Thanks to its western facing position the open-air dining area is the perfect spot to watch the sun fade over the horizon at the end of another hot, tropical day. Certainly, numerous Facebook posts and Instagram pictures capturing the scenery from Tattoo Bar on Koh Tao have been shared over the years!

Tattoo Vibe

Local residents frequently suggest Tattoo Bar due to its welcoming ambiance. Whether you go at a busy or quiet time, it always feels homely and welcoming. The bar normally plays music throughout the day and evening. It’s less of a party style bar and more a place you’d go to relax, grab a drink or some food, and take in the ambience and scenery. The bar serves a range of drinks including healthy options like fruit shakes, smoothies and kombucha. Soft drinks are also available, along with a variety of spirits, beers, and shots.

Tattoo Menu 

The cuisine at Tattoo Bar is well-respected and enjoys popularity during breakfast, lunch, and dinner hours alike. The menu is extensive and includes western and Thai favourites, as well as some international cuisine. In terms of western food, the steak at Tattoo Bar is particularly well-liked. The pizzas, breakfast muffins, and Mexican food options are a;; top notch. All food is made in-house by experienced and talented Thai cooks, so the Asian food options also exceed expectations. If you are looking for different choices while maintaining high quality in a relaxed setting, then Tattoo Bar is a great choice.