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Greasy Spoon

Location: On the main road in Mae Haad, just past Thai Inter clinic. 

Opening Hours: 6.30am – 3pm, however please note the kitchen closes at 2.40pm.

Price range: 70 – 250THB

Greasy Spoon offers great portions of simple, honest food at a great price. The name ‘Greasy Spoon’ is a commonly used phrase in America and the UK to denote any diner or café that specialises in fried foods and/or home-cooked meals. To this end, Greasy Spoon Koh Tao does not disappoint! 

Greasy Spoon is Koh Tao’s only dedicated English breakfast café. They aim to provide a good English breakfast (and/or lunch) in a Thai setting. So if you are craving a taste of home, or simply want to experience a proper English fry up, then this is the café to come to! It’s not just for breakfast though, the lunch menu provides a range of home-cooked western classics, including Greasy Spoon’s famous lasagne – widely regarded as the best on the island. 


On the menu, you will find all of the usual fried breakfast sets, plus a range of butties (breakfast sandwiches). Alternatively, you can build your own breakfast by selecting individual items from a long list of à la carte options. In addition to fried breakfasts, Greasy Spoon also offers some healthier choices including fruit, muesli, yoghurt, and pancakes. 

The lunchtime menu includes some classic British favourites like fish and chips, lasagna and bangers and mash. 


No alcoholic drinks are sold at Greasy Spoon, but you can order shakes, smoothies, tea, coffee, soft drinks, and kombucha. 

Most Popular Dishes

English breakfast, breakfast butties, eggs benedict, popeye poached eggs (served with spinach and bacon), lasagna, fish and chips.

Greasy Spoon Koh Tao