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Pom Som Tam

Location: Pom Som Tam is located in Mae Haad.

Opening hours: 10.30 am – 8 pm

Price range: 60 – 120THB

Pom Som Tam is named after the owner, P Pom, and the most popular dish on her menu, Som Tam. The shop itself is a small and unassuming unit by the roadside. But the drawcard of this restaurant is the quality of the food, rather than any flashy decor or a large seating area. Great for a full meal or snack, Pom’s food is also a great takeaway option. It is a regular stop for lunch and dinner for many Koh Tao locals. 

Pom Som Tam is one of the restaurants on Koh Tao that is popular for a particular style of cooking, and in this case specifically, Isan food. Isan is a region in the northeast part of Thailand near the border of Laos. It is famous for its flavoursome spicy dishes. Isan food is enjoyed by Thai and foreigners alike and is commonly sought after all around Thailand. 


Many Isan dishes are classed as spicy salads, although they are mainly meat (or tofu) based. So definitely not a salad in a typical sense to most visitors. Sweet and spicy flavours combine with the perfect amount of seasoning to make the result. Som Tam, the dish that gives Pom’s restaurant its name, is a refreshing and healthy green papaya salad. Bursting with papaya, tomatoes, green beans, garlic, and chili, it is normally served sprinkled with peanuts as a dressing. Be sure to let P Pom know how spicy you like it in advance. As the traditional Thai version certainly packs a punch!

Other classic Isan dishes served at Pom Somtam include Nam Tok and Larb. Both of these are spicy meat-based salads that can also be ordered as soups. You can usually choose from chicken, pork, beef, or tofu as your main ingredient, depending on what fresh meat cuts P Pom has sourced on any particular day. 


Pom Som Tam serves a range of fresh fruit shakes, plus hydrating fresh coconuts and soft drinks.

Most Popular Dishes

Som tam, nam tok, larb moo

pom som tam dish