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Sai Daeng Beach

Sai Daeng Beach is a beautiful beach located on the southeastern cape of Koh Tao looking out onto Shark Island. On a clear day, you can see out even further to Koh Phangan and Koh Samui. Sai Deang Beach presents the best of both worlds – easily accessible by scooter on a good quality road, quiet enough to feel like you have privacy, but with enough going on to keep you entertained for a full day.


The best way to reach Sai Deng Beach is by taxi or scooter, or alternatively by water-taxi. Indeed,  if you plan to rent a longtail boat and visit a few Koh Tao beaches in one go, then Sai Daeng Beach should be on your list. 

To access by road, you need to head towards Chalok Baan Kao and take a left just after Aukotan supermarket. At the top of the hill where the road splits, take a left again. Then follow the winding road through the palm groves. The road drops steeply on the other side down to the coast where you’ll find Sai Daeng Resort and Coral View Resort. Both of which have rooms and bungalows on the edge of the bay. If you continue past the resort entrances, you’ll reach a small temple. It may be possible to look around it, but do make sure you are dressed appropriately. 


Despite having to cross private land to reach the beach, the management at both Coral View and Sai Daeng resorts have never charged for access. This is unlikely to change any time soon. 

Services & Facilities

Sai Daeng Beach is home to a range of services and facilities, providing everything you need to enjoy your time there. You can rent sun loungers, snorkeling gear, and kayaks. There are a couple of beach bar and restaurant options for food and refreshments. 

Swimming and Snorkeling

At Sai Daeng, you have the chance to check a whole heap of marine life off your snorkeling wishlist! The reef begins just a few meters off the shoreline, and the coral here is healthy and is home to an array of tropical fish. Turtles visit regularly, and in breeding season you can often see blacktip reef sharks too. 

Recommended for… Exploring

Hire a Kayak at Sai Daeng Beach and explore outside of the bay. It only takes about 20 minutes to paddle over to Shark Island – do look out for passing boats though. From there you can head into Shark Bay (Thian Og) and jump in the water and snorkel for your chance to spot more blacktip reef sharks. Unlike the many other Koh Tao beaches and bays, sharks tend to hang out in the shallows here all year round. The best times are earlier in the morning or the late afternoon towards sunset. Further around the headland past Shark Island, you’d find the rocky coastline of Hin Ngam, which is also great for a refreshing swim, and spotting various fish and critters among the shallow coral reef structures.

Sai Daeng beach koh tao
Sai Daeng beach
Sai Daeng & shark island