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Sairee Beach

The longest of all the Koh Tao beaches, Sairee Beach stretches for over a kilometre along the west coast of the island. Sairee is the biggest village on Koh Tao, but don’t worry, there’s always plenty of space on the sand to lay down your towel. Sairee Beach is a convenient choice for those who like to have a range of amenities nearby. A multitude of beach bars and café’s line the shore, and there are a few swings dotted along the coastline too. 


Access is easy, and if you are staying in Sairee village, chances are that the golden sands of Sairee Beach will be as little as a few steps away, and at most a few minutes’ walk. 


There are no charges for using Sairee Beach, however, if you decide to relax on one of the deckchairs or loungers at one of the beach bars, you will be expected to purchase some refreshments or food. 

Services and Facilities

Snorkeling equipment is available for rent at several shops along Sairee beachfront. You can also rent kayaks and stand up paddleboards. There are a few diving schools located along the bay, so if you haven’t already booked in for diving on Koh Tao, you can break up your day by popping into a few and asking about their diving courses and fun diving schedules. 

There are several longtail taxi-boat stations located along Sairee Beach, so it’s easy to jump on a boat to explore some of the more remote beaches, or perhaps take a trip over to Koh NangYuan Island

When you need some food or refreshments, you’ll be spoiled for choice. From modern cafes to rustic Thai food eateries, there is something for everyone. 

Swimming and Snorkeling

Sairee Beach is an easy spot to swim and snorkel as the coral reef begins just metres away from the shoreline. Do be wary of shallow water coral structures though, as they are incredibly easy to damage and they can give you some nasty cuts too if you stand on them. It’s a good idea to swim in pairs or buddy teams, and if possible take some kind of marker device with you. As well as the local taxi-boats, many of the Sairee Beach dive schools access their dive vessels via longtail transfer from the shore, so it can sometimes be busy in terms of traffic.  

Recommended for… Sunset

Sairee is the best Koh Tao beach for sunset as its western-facing orientation provides a daily spectacle of glorious orange and red hues. Relax and take in the fading light from your patch of sand, or grab a happy hour cocktail, refreshing coconut, or local beer from one of the many beachfront bars that line the shore.