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Arcadia Koh Tao


Arcadia Koh Tao is located in central Sairee, about a 5-minute walk from Sairee Beach. Turn west from the Sairee crossroads onto the Hin Wong Bay road, and Arcadia is about 50 metres up the road on the right side. 

Opening Hours

Normal opening hours are 4 pm – 1 am. However, if the time difference results in sports events being broadcasted late at night or early in the morning, then Arcadia Koh Tao stands out as one of the few bars that will stay open to ensure you catch all the action. 


The venue has several large screens and plenty of seating so you can relax and watch your favourite team. A dedicated live sports & entertainment the bar is open seven days a week. There is plenty to do outside of sporting fixtures too.  The bar also has a pool table and darts board. For those who want to ‘game it up,’ there’s an air-conditioned games room with air hockey, basketball, a punchbag, and more! To play, simply switch some small change for tokens at the bar. 


As with most sports and entertainment venues, the bar is fully stocked with an array of beers, spirits, cocktails, shots, and soft drinks to satisfy your thirst. Specials are available every Tuesday for ‘gents night’ and every Wednesday for ‘ladies night.’ 


The kitchen at Arcadia Koh Tao serves up a range of homemade snacks and pub food. Different specials will hit the menu regularly to coincide with various sporting events and parties. However, staples include classics like burgers, hot dogs, chicken strips, chips, etc. All of Arcadia Koh Tao’s dishes are made with locally sourced ingredients and freshly cooked to order by their on-site chef. 

Other Services and Facilities

The team at Arcadia Koh Tao is passionate about sports and gaming. So it’s no surprise that even when there are no television fixtures, there’s always plenty going on. Aside from the weekly gents and ladies’ nights, the bar hosts regular pool tournaments. There are games events too like Mario Kart race tournaments and drinking competitions.