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Lotus Bar

Location: Lotus Bar is located on Sairee Beach, at the bottom of the walking street where you’ll find The Queens Cabaret Show

Opening Hours: 5pm – late. 

Lotus Bar is Koh Tao’s original late-night party bar, and its location in central Sairee makes it a popular place for tourists who are staying in nearby hostels and hotels. Lotus bar is symbolised by its iconic palm tree that bends just a short distance from its roots and hangs out over the water. Indeed, the palm tree is so symbolic that after the storms of 2011 when it had fallen and no longer held its prominent position, a group of locals made it a project to resurrect and replant it. As a result, it still stands today!

Open from late afternoon until late every day, you’ll find sunset drinks specials that you can enjoy while relaxing on a traditional Thai cushion on the beach and watching the sunset. Once it gets dark there is a lull at Lotus Bar while people head off to eat and freshen up for the night ahead. When customers return, they will be greeted by fire dancers and a live DJ, and their party night can get off to a start! 

With a large section of beach that acts both as a seating area and a dancefloor, there is a great party atmosphere at Lotus Bar and the bar is well stocked with local beers, spirits, cocktails, and shots. Lotus Bar also serves drinks by the bucket. Simply pick your spirit and mixer, and hey presto! No more queuing at the bar until your bucket is finished! 

More often than not, a small street stand will set up at the back of the bar, allowing party-goers to grab an energy infusion or a much-needed snack on the way home – or to the next bar! 

** Koh Tao is an environmentally aware island. Residents and businesses work hard to keep our beaches and oceans as clean as possible. We kindly request that all those who party on one of Koh Tao’s beautiful beaches respect the environment and do not leave plastic cups, straws, or cigarette butts behind. While many bars on the island now serve drinks with metal or bamboo straws rather than plastic ones, you can always double-check and ask for your drink without a straw if single-use plastic is the only option. **

Fire show at Lotus Bar