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Mango Bay (Aow Muong)

A small beach secluded in an enclave at the very north of the island, Mango Bay tends to be visited more by dive operators using the shallow sandy bottom for scuba diving courses. Even though there are often a few boats around, the beach itself is normally quiet. Although some tour groups from the neighbouring islands of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan have been known to stop there from time to time. 


One of the hardest beaches on Koh Tao to get to, most visitors to Mango Bay arrive by water taxi although it is possible to walk there too. We wouldn’t recommend driving by scooter as the roads are narrow and steep. Another option would be to drive part of the way and hike the rest. If you decide to do this you’ll need to take the Hin Wong Bay road out of Sairee. Then take a left at the top of the hill in the centre of the island. From there the road winds up towards the north, and there is parking available at Jim’s bar where the road forks off to some of the northern viewpoint bars and Grape View Viewpoint. To get to Mango Bay, simply keep following the road straight on. 


Mango Bay Resort charges a 100THB fee per person to access the beach. 

Services & Facilities

A steep staircase of almost 300 steps heading up from the beach leads you to a resort café where you can get refreshments and an unbeatable view looking across the sea towards Chumphon. 

Swimming and Snorkeling

The shallow coral gardens that line the edges of Mango Bay are home to healthy reefs and a rich array of marine life. Because most visitors arrive by boat there is a lot of traffic on the water. We recommend you stick to the sectioned-off snorkeling areas where you are safe. As there is danger from passing longtail boats or speedboats that may be pulling into/out of the beach. 

Recommended for… Viewpoints & Viewpoint Bars

If you take the hiking route or the driving and hiking combination to reach Mango Bay. You will have the opportunity to stop at a few amazing viewpoints along the way. Summit Viewpoint Bar is right at the top of the northernmost mountain on Koh Tao, and from there you can look out for miles over the glistening waters of the Gulf of Thailand. 180 Viewpoint Bar provides a panorama looking back down the west coast of the island along Sairee Beach and into Mae Haad Bay and beyond. You can even visit Fraggle Rock Viewpoint if you take a short diversion on the way back.

Mango Bay
Mango Bay beach
Mango Bay