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Duck 995

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Duck 995 is located just out of central Sairee, close to Arcadia on the road that leads toward Hin Wong Bay

Opening hours

11am – 10pm

Price range

70 – 200 baht

Duck 995

We’re not sure where the 995 bit comes from, but the duck is certainly the dish that makes this restaurant popular. This venue is probably one of the most recommended restaurants on Koh Tao and is the only one of its kind. Even with its large seating area, it is not unusual to see a queue forming from as early as 7 pm. If you are hungry in the evening and have your mind set on Duck 995, don’t arrive too late. 

Duck 995 is not the type of restaurant with a large number of choices on the menu. But what they offer they do very well. Their delicious flavours have been known to keep many diners going back multiple times during their stay on Koh Tao. The service is fast, friendly, and efficient, so don’t worry too much if you have to wait for a table. The turnaround time is normally pretty quick. 


At this restaurant duck dishes are, of course, the order of the day. Choose from having your strips of delicious tender duck served in a ramen-style soup, or over rice or noodles. Each portion comes with a delicious sauce and a side of freshly blanched green vegetable shoots. 

Aside from the famous duck dishes, you can also order pad Thai, Chinese noodles, and sukiyaki. Sukiyaki is a Japanese dish that is prepared and served in the Nabemono style.


Iced drinking water is complimentary here, and their fridge stocks a supply of soft drinks and local beers. 

Most Popular Dishes

Our favourites here are the spicy duck noodle soup and the roasted duck on steamed rice.

Duck Restaurant Koh Tao
Duck Restaurant Koh Tao