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Sai Nuan Beach

A firm favourite with many Koh Tao locals, Sai Nuan Beach is a forerunner in the contest for Koh Tao’s best beach. Bordered by palm trees with the shoreline falling away from a lush tropical garden (even featuring a cute wooden bridge over a small pond on the outskirts). Sai Nuan Beach is truly picture-perfect. It is a popular choice for beach weddings, and there is a rustic swing hanging right over the sand which makes for amazing photo opportunities. 


Sai Nuan Beach can be accessed in several different ways. Driving from Mae Haad, you need to take a right turn off the main road towards Desiha Viewpoint. The road winds up over a very steep hill, before dropping down on the other side and slowly descending again. The road terminates at Siam Cookies Resort. From there it’s just a couple of minutes walk past Banana Rock bar to reach Sai Nuan Beach.

When travelling by foot you can follow the same route. However, it is much quicker, easier, and less of an uphill climb to take the coastline walking path. If you are coming from Mae Haad Bay, the walking track starts in the south of the beach by Sensi Paradise Resort and is well signposted. If you are walking from Chalok Bay, you’ll need to walk along the concrete bridge and through Viewpoint Resort to June Juea Beach, then take the track up the steps past the rustic bungalows and through the jungle. Whichever direction you come from, the walk should take you around 30 minutes. 


There is a 100THB fee to use Sai Nuan Beach. 

Services & Facilities

There are a couple of rustic beach cafes owned by the two small, traditional resorts that border the beach. Expect mainly Thai food, although a few Western dishes may also have crept onto the menu. Mask and snorkel sets are available for rent at either of the resort receptions. 

Swimming and Snorkeling

Like many of the bays around the southern coast of Koh Tao. You always have a good chance of spotting a turtle around the shallow corals and rock formations. With calm waters for most of the year and good visibility, you’ll become immediately immersed in an array of marine life as soon as you step in from the shore.

Recommended for… Chilling Out

Hang up your hammock for the day, grab yourself a fresh coconut, and read a book. Then take a dip into the crystal clear blue waters. Don’t forget to grab yourself the ultimate social media profile picture too. The rope swing for that perfect photo oppurtunity is suspended from the trees at the border of the beach and the tropical garden area.

Sai Nuan beach
Sai Nuan