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Tanote Bay

Situated on the east coast, Tanote Bay is Koh Tao’s best beach for those in search of adventure. There’s a huge rock in the centre of the bay from which you can jump into the refreshing clear waters. There is plenty of shade at Tanote Bay if you need to cool off after your adventures in the water. The beach is big enough to never really feel too busy.


To reach Tanote Bay you need to take the turnoff from the main road in Mae Haad next to Koh Tao Info. The turning is signposted, and it is a lovely drive that passes Koh Tao Animal Clinic and junctions for Aow Leuk Bay and Lang Khai Bay along the way. 

There are a couple of different routes you can take to get down to the beach. The easiest and least steep is the middle option, where there is a small sign that reads ‘beach this way’. 


There are no charges for using Tanote Bay. It is encouraged that you purchase some drinks or food at one of the beach cafés there. 

Services & Facilities

The large restaurant building at the back of the beach serves a menu of Thai and Western favourites, as do the smaller rustic restaurants on the southern side of the bay (Jah Bar and Poseidon). You can buy both soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, and it is possible to rent masks and snorkels too. 

Swimming and Snorkeling

Tanote Bay is fantastic for snorkeling and is home to a wide array of marine life. The coral reef starts immediately upon leaving the shoreline, and the corals are in great condition.  The large boulders that protrude from the surface at the northern side of the bay are one of the best areas. There are some expected underwater sightings at Tanote Bay. It is home to some artificial reef structures and coral nurseries as well as natural reefs. Plus, two abandoned motorbikes are hiding somewhere beneath the surface at Tanote Bay. We have no idea why, but that’s certainly something you don’t see every day!

Recommended for… Adventure

The main attraction at Tanote Bay is the large ‘jump rock’ that sits in the water in the middle of the bay. You can swim up to the rocky outcropping, and a rope is attached so you can scramble up to the top. From there, be aware that the only way down is to launch yourself into the tropical waters below, so it is not for the faint-hearted!

There are some great viewpoints nearby if you feel like adding more action to your day. On the way back from Tanote Bay you’ll pass turnings for Love Koh Tao Viewpoint Bar and Stone Age Viewpoint

Tanote Bay
Tanote Bay beach koh tao