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Emergency Services

If you require emergency services or think you have been a victim of a crime on Koh Tao. You will need to know about the following services and how to contact them. We recommend that all holidaymakers keep their insurance and emergency contact information close at hand. It’s a good idea to have the details of local emergency services saved to your devices.  


In 2019 the Koh Tao police offices moved from behind the main temple and school between Sairee Beach and Mae Haad Bay, and their base is now Chalok Baan Kao next to the government and subdistrict municipality offices. There is not a vast police presence on Koh Tao, but the officers can regularly be seen driving around conducting various spot checks, and on busy days or buddha days when there are processions or heavier traffic, they often help by directing vehicles. 

Located here, you can drop into the police station any time without an appointment. It is usually open 24 hours a day, and no appointments are required. You can also contact the police station by telephone at +66 (0)77 456 098.

Tourist Police

The Tourist Police Bureau was founded in 2017 in direct response to the growth of the tourism and entertainment industries in Thailand. Part of emergency services, it is an organisation responsible for providing personal safety, security, assistance, and solutions for tourists. The Koh Tao Tourist Police are a group comprising both native police officers and Western volunteers. Their main role normally lies in helping with translations and solutions for disagreements between local and foreign parties. 

If you need to contact the tourist police during your stay on Koh Tao. Simply dial 1155 from any mobile phone equipped with a Thai SIM. 

Koh Tao Rescue

Koh Tao Rescue is a nonprofit organisation that is largely run by volunteers and funded by donations. Although it does receive a small stipend and sponsorship from the government too. Their emergency services provide comprehensive land and sea rescue assistance around the clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Koh Tao Rescue’s most regular call-outs involve motorbike accidents. They also deal with all kinds of assistance that the local community needs. From helping with the effects of natural disasters to the relocation of snakes and wasp nests. 

The Koh Tao Rescue office is also located in Chalok Baan Kao, next to the police station and subdistrict municipality office. You can contact them by phone at +66 (0) 879 790 191 or by dialing 1333 from any phone fitted with a Thai SIM.

Koh Tao Tourist Police Services
Koh Tao Police Station