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Kebab House Koh Tao

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mixed kebab house meat box with five sauces

Kebab House Koh Tao

Sometimes, nothing hits the spot quite like a juicy kebab. No pretence, just quality produce and seriously satisfying grub. Kebab House Koh Tao delivers on all accounts, offering up a delectable German-inspired menu where fresh ingredients and bold flavour combinations take centre stage. Nestled in the heart of Sairee village, among the hustle and bustle of the island’s main tourist hub (yet metres from some of Koh Tao’s best beaches), Kebab House Koh Tao is easy to get to, regardless of whether you choose to rent a scooter

Stripped back yet comfortable, Kebab House Koh Tao greets hungry revellers with a welcoming ambience, friendly staff, and an unassuming, laid-back vibe. Choose to sit in, collect, or order delivery (for free!) to any address in Sairee, Mae Haad, or ChalokGranted, it’s the perfect emergency hangover delivery or late-night treat (until 10 pm)), but the fast food joint serves food from 11 am, making it perfect for a lunchtime feast, too.

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What’s on the menu at Kebab House Koh Tao?

Let’s cut to the chase. What’s on offer, and what should you order? Unsurprisingly, succulent marinated meats are the showstoppers at this restaurant. Choose from chicken or mixed Halal beef-lamb (Australia imported). Or, opt for a generous serving of authentic falafel with an array of accompaniments and crunchy vegetables. Whether you prefer your kebab in bread, a dürüm wrap, or deconstructed in a box (options include the Döner Fries Box, the Döner Platter Box, and the Donor Gym Box) there’s something for everyone. 

The lighter choices pack a satisfying punch and come with a lemony, well-dressed salad — no limp lettuce here — but there’s nothing quite like going the full shebang with the donna kebab bread. It’s a classic executed to perfection. Smother your chosen filling in an array of classic sauces, including tzatziki, curry, and garlic yogurt. Our top tip is to ensure you don’t skip the Koh Tao Kebab House sauce. It’s signature for a reason and is available in both regular and vegan variations. In serving up satiating indulgence with generous portions to boot, Koh Tao Kebab House has quickly positioned itself as one of the best restaurants in Koh Tao — no easy feat on an island bursting with culinary delights.

What to know: Kebab House Koh Tao

Opening times: Kebab House Koh Tao opens from 11 am, every day apart from Wednesdays. Delivery runs from 11:30am – 10pm.

Budget: Prices range from 180 baht for a chicken main to 240 for the lamb/beef mix. For the veggies, falafel options come in at 200 baht.

mixed kebab house meat box with five sauces
Chicken Döner Kebab Bread
Cutting Chicken Kebab Meat