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The shallow sandy beaches and bays and abundance of things to do and see outdoors make Koh Tao a very child-friendly destination and the island are becoming an increasingly popular family holiday destination. There is plenty of family-friendly accommodation on the island, and many child-friendly services, facilities, and activities too.

For parents looking for daytime childcare facilities on a half day or full day basis so that they can explore the island or take scuba diving courses, professional western-grade childcare is available through Koh Tao International Primary School. Other options for daycare include a range of Thai, Burmese and western nannies and baby sitters. Plus, there is a whole range of other family-friendly businesses that offer unique and exciting experiences for children of all ages.

Koh Tao Pre School is open Monday to Friday from 9am-4pm and accepts children of any nationality between the ages of 9 months and 2 years. Care is provided by a friendly team of English speaking staff, and both daily and monthly packages are available. The pre school is well equipped with a large garden playground and provides a range of daily activities including cooking, arts and crafts, singing, and dancing.

Spaces are dependent on student numbers and staff availability, so booking ahead is recommended. You can contact the Koh Tao Pre School team directly for more information, either through their Facebook page or by calling +66 (0) 90 867 9048.

Babysitting and Daycare

It is possible to find nannies and sitters for private daycare and babysitting, but these services tend to need to be booked in advance. Some of the higher-end hotels and resorts offer this service in-house, but generally, the best way is to ask your accommodation provider or dive school for independent recommendations or contact Koh Tao International Primary School for further information and contact details of their trusted childcare partners. 

More Child-Friendly Options

While not strictly speaking childcare facilities, there are also a few other businesses that can keep youngsters entertained for a few hours too. Examples include:

  • Swimming lessons through Splash Dance n’ Swim, which is a western owned, UK certified swim school. 
  • Trapeze lessons at Flying Trapeze Adventures (again run by western trained and qualified staff).
  • Soft Play and Mini Golf – both of these can be found under the same roof at Koh Tao Leisure Park. Also situated at the leisure park is an air-conditioned cinema room that can play movies suitable for children on request. 
  • Kids gymnastics at Koh Tao Crossfit gym every Tuesday afternoon from 4.15-5.15pm. Bookings should be made in advance through Koh Tao International Primary School or by contacting the teacher directly: Ellu Koskivuori on +66 (0)870 607 355