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Laundry Services

There are a few options when it comes to laundry services on Koh Tao. Both water and white goods are expensive here. It is unusual for resorts, hotels, and villas to have washers and dryers in their rooms. Instead, many hotels and resorts offer laundry services to their guests at a small surcharge. There are also a few dedicated launderettes and even a few self-service laundry stations on the island. 

In-House Laundry Services

Many accommodation providers offer an in-house laundry service to their guests. Prices are normally around 40-60THB per kilo on average. Some of the higher-end or more remote accommodation providers do charge a little more.  


Dedicated laundry services on Koh Tao can be a little cheaper than in-house hotel or resort services. Prices normally vary between 30-50THB per kilo. Express same-day laundry services are available at a surcharge of 10-20THB per kilo. Laundry services on Koh Tao can be found in some unexpected places too. Some otherwise unrelated businesses offering it as an extra. For example, Tao Hub Coworking Space offers laundry services for both its members and members of the public. 

While all laundry services on Koh Tao are reliable to a degree, it’s not unknown that some items get mixed up between bags, and some launderettes do use bleach. So it’s a good idea to count the number of items you put in to be washed and check what products they use – especially if you have allergies. If you have any particular sentimental or valuable clothing items, then hand washing those separately is probably the best idea. 

Self-service Laundry

There are a couple of self-serve style laundry services on Koh Tao, but they can be difficult to find and easy to miss! Typically, 8kg machines will do a wash for 50THB, and a 14kg machine will cost 80THB to run a cycle. 

There is one small self-serve laundry service station with just a couple of washing machines tucked into a corner between Chalok Baan Khao and Mae Haad. Closer to Mae Haad, there is a larger station of machines next to the Chumporn Fresh Mart vegetable shop, near ChaiWat Supermarket. Coming from Chalok Baan Kao, it is hidden behind a wall and difficult to spot, but if you are coming from Sairee, then it is not as easy to miss.