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The Experience Festival

The Experience Festival is held on Koh Tao every year and runs for four days over western New Year, normally form the 30th December until 2nd January. The event has been running annually for well over a decade and caters specifically for those who enjoy psychedelic trance music. The Experience Festival’s tagline is “Four days of Love, Peace, Trance and Dance”, and the event has become well known as a highlight in the hippie calendar. 

The event takes place at a designated festival ground dubbed ‘The Magic Garden’, with music and dancing all throughout the days and nights. The festival location is on the road leading over to Sai Nuan Beach, so if you are staying anywhere nearby, or at any of the resorts around the coastline near June Juea Beach, you can expect to hear some of the festival noise as it carries on the wind. The location atop a large hill provides attendees with stunning sunrise and sunset views.

The festival ground comprises of a main stage and a ‘chill floor’ for anyone needing a little downtime, and significant efforts are made to create backdrops and décor that fit with the theme. Large paintings, immersive 3D environments, and stretch fabrics combine with some artistic sculptural elements and clever lighting to create mesmerising effects. 

Music at the Experience Festival is provided by a range of international trance DJs, with dancers and live performers circulating around the festival ground too. 

Single day tickets for the Experience Festival are not available, only passes for the full four day experience. Tickets can be purchased online through the Experience Festival website, with the best value tickets being available several months in advance. Tickets are also available for purchase through a couple of outlets on Koh Tao and Koh Phangan. It is possible to buy a ticket at the festival gate too, but at a higher price.

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