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Sai Nuan Viewpoint

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As the name suggests, Sai Nuan Viewpoint is located on the road that leads over to Sai Nuan Beach, and is one of Koh Tao’s least visited viewpoints. From Sai Nuan Viewpoint you can look down past Sai Nuan Beach and west across the ocean towards the mainland. On a clear day, you can sometimes make out the outline of the mainland itself, or perhaps a few of the outlying islands close to it. You can also see some of the coastline looking south towards June Juea Beach and Chalok Bay


If you are driving and accessing the Viewpoint on your rental scooter, you need to take the turn off the main road between Mae Haad and Chalok Baan Kao, towards Desiha Viewpoint and Viewpoint Bar. The road winds up over a very steep hill, before dropping down on the other side and slowly descending again. You can park by the side of the road and walk to the viewpoint, which is marked with a signpost. 

It is also possible to reach Sai Nuan Viewpoint on foot by using the coastline walking track. If you are coming from Mae Haad Bay, the walking track starts in the south of the beach by Sensi Paradise Resort and is well signposted. If you are walking from Chalok Bay, you’ll need to walk along the concrete bridge and through Viewpoint Resort to June Juea Beach. Then take the track up the steps past the rustic bungalows and through the jungle. You’ll need to walk up the hill on the concrete road from Banana Bar to reach the Viewpoint.


There are no fees to access or enjoy the Viewpoint.

Services & Facilities

There are no bars, shops, or services at the viewpoint itself. So do take water and any snacks you want with you. If you would like to rehydrate after you visit Sai Nuan Viewpoint, you can always pop down to one of the beach cafes afterward. Or make a stop at Deisha Viewpoint Bar on your way back. 

Sunrise or Sunset? 

Sai Nuan Viewpoint’s westerly facing position makes it best suited to sunset. But you can enjoy the view through the daytime too. 

Sai Nuan Viewpoint