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Grape View Viewpoint

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Grape View Viewpoint is a stunning lookout point that takes in all the beauty of the surrounding jungle, plus the area of the ocean looking down onto Koh NangYuan. This is one of the lesser-visited corners of the island and provides a truly unique viewpoint angle. Even many long-term residents do not know where it is or how to find it! 


It is possible to reach Grape View from two different directions, but whichever route you take you will need to hike as there are no roads or tracks that are suitable for driving all of the way. 

Edit – In January 2024 the owner has made a basic road to the viewpoint. You can now ride here by scooter, but take care it’s not a concrete road. There is now a cafe & bar built on the viewpoint rocks. Some basic Thai dishes are available, and there’s a comfortable seating area to enjoy the view.  

The first access route is from the main road in north Sairee right before Dusit Buncha resort, where a steep concrete road leads up the mountainside. After winding up for a few hundred metres the road gives way to a jungle track. When you reach a fork, take the left turn and head slightly downwards again to reach Grape View Viewpoint. Once you’ve taken in the scenery, you can either come back the way you came, or carry on past the track you came in on, and eventually, you’ll join up to the dirt track by Jim View Bar where you can walk back down and join the Mango Bay road and head back towards Sairee. 

Alternatively, you can walk or ride from Sairee Village to Jim View Bar. You’ll notice a few cages housing chickens. From here take the track on the opposite side of the road (turn right) and you’ll head downwards past a newly built bungalow. When the path forks, bear right, and after about half an hour you’ll reach Grape View Viewpoint. 

If you plan to drive part-way, do be aware that the road in sections is very steep, and unless you have a reliable scooter, it may be difficult to make it up the steepest sections with 2 people. 


There are no fees to park or access Grape View Viewpoint. However, if you visit Summit Viewpoint Bar or Jim View Bar before or afterward, you will need to pay an access fee of 100THB. Do note that paying the fee at one of these includes a ticket for access to both. 

Services & Facilities

At Grape View there is a restaurant serving Thai food, soft drinks & beers. Also at Summit Viewpoint Bar and Jim View Bar, there are refreshments.

Sunrise or Sunset? 

Neither. Grape View Viewpoint is all about the pretty outlook over to Koh NangYuan and getting yourself a true jungle hiking experience. Its orientation is optimal for neither sunrise nor sunset and is best suited to a daytime visit.