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John Suwan Viewpoint

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John Suwan Viewpoint is one of the most famous and iconic viewpoints on Koh Tao, second only to Koh NangYuan Viewpoint. Located right on the southernmost tip of the island, standing on the rocks looking back at the island you’ll see a dense green jungle in your centre view, Chalok Bay to the west, and Shark Bay (Thian Og), Sai Daeng Bay and Shark Island to the east. The short walk up to John Suwan Viewpoint is almost as pretty as the view itself. Winding through coconut groves and looking down onto the crystal blue waters below. The walk itself only takes around 15 minutes and is steep in parts. The track is well maintained and there are some guideline ropes to hold in some of the more tricky sections. 


To get to the Viewpoint you’ll need to come through Chalok Baan Khao and head towards Freedom Beach. At the parking area after the turnoff for Sun Suwan Viewpoint 360 Bar, simply take the path off to the side which is signposted ‘Viewpoint’. If you are staying locally, it’s also possible to walk from Chalok Baan Khao to John Suwan Viewpoint by following the walking path along the coastline and up from Freedom Beach


If you visit early enough in the day, it may be possible to access John Suwan Viewpoint without paying. However, from around 8 am, there is a pay station around 100 metres up the track from the car park. The staff there sells tickets for 50THB per person. 

Services & Facilities

There are no services and facilities up on the viewpoint itself. But, there are plenty at Freedom Beach, Chalok Bay, and at OK restaurant on the way down to Shark Bay. 

Sunrise or Sunset? 

Both!  John Suwan Viewpoint has a unique position and outlook on both eastern and western coastlines. This makes it a great spot to catch either the first or last light of the day.

John Suwan across to Shark Bay late afternoon
John Suwan looking towards Chalok