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Sun Suwan Viewpoint 360 Bar

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A relatively new addition to Koh Tao, Sun Suwan Viewpoint 360 Bar offers exceptional views in all directions – as the name would suggest! Its location just north of John Suwan Viewpoint at the very south of the island is perfect for both sunrise and sunset vistas.  As it is only a couple of hundred metres away from John Suwan Viewpoint the views are very similar, however Sun Suwan Viewpoint 360 Bar is much easier to reach as it’s only a short climb up some steps to reach the bar, so virtually no hiking is required.

The bar boasts some nice decking areas including netting style seats for those all-important Insta shots and a metal tower that allows for full 360-degree panoramas looking towards Chalok Bay to the west, and Shark Bay (Thian Og), Sai Daeng Bay, and Shark Island to the east.


Almost identical to how you’d access John Suwan Viewpoint. Simply come through Chalok Baan Khao and head towards Freedom Beach. Once you have passed the peak of the hill, there is a small pagoda and bike parking area on the left. From there, it’s just a couple of minutes up the steps to reach the bar. 


The access fee is 50THB per person. 

Services & Facilities

There is no food service, but the bar does stock a range of refreshing soft drinks, shakes, spirits and local beers. There are, however,  plenty of places to grab a bite to eat at Freedom Beach, Chalok Bay, and even at OK restaurant on the way down to Shark Bay.

Sunrise or Sunset? 

Both! With 360 degree vision and an elevated view from the tower, Sun Suwan Viewpoint 360 Bar can be a great option for either sunrise or sunset.